About Me

My teaching partner in crime and best friend, Amie Reid

My name is April Hoffman, and I am beyond excited to say that I am officially graduated University and ready to enter into the real world of teaching. Since you’ll be hearing all about teaching throughout this site, let’s take a moment to learn about the girl behind these blogs and lesson plans.

I grew up in Weyburn, SK with an extremely loving, and supportive and large family of 6; now with significant others and two nephews, there isn’t nearly enough room at the supper table. My family was very close growing up, which I think is what allows me to hold such a high value for relationships. And while things often got out of control, nothing would stop us from our weekly movie and pizza nights on Friday.

In school, I basically did anything that was available. I loved being involved on sports teams, choir and band. The school definitely was my second home, and it provided a strong sense of community for me between other students and teachers.

But my biggest passion outside of schools is anything related to sports, If you ask me to go and do something, I’m up and alert faster than a dog who saw a cat run by. I absolutely love being active with family and friends — bike riding, hiking, volleyball, basketball, slo-pitch — you name it, I love it or would love to try it.

While I can’t skate (bet you never thought you would hear that from a Saskatchewan kid) I love watching hockey. My favourite team is the San Jose Sharks; which creates quite the competition between my boyfriend who cheers for the Winnipeg Jets.