Philosophy of Education

*** In the works of being transformed based on new learning experiences**

The moment a child discovers the passion to uncover new ideas is a cherished moment; however, getting to that point is not always easy. Each student’s well-being should be the number one priority in a teacher’s career, in hopes that the love for learning is instilled in each individual throughout the process. I believe that the role of an educator goes well beyond what can be found in the curriculum. Teachers should aspire to be role models, someone whom any student can look up to and trust. Each child is a unique individual who deserves a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. To do this, teachers need to support their students to reach their fullest potential by providing an environment that supports risk taking and invites the sharing of ideas. By guiding students on their journey, I will be teaching students life lessons that cannot be found in a lecture. Expressing my own passion for teaching and demonstrating that learning is a lifelong process, I hope to encourage my students to learn and grow alongside me. I want students to understand that I do not have all the answers — that we are on this journey together.

I believe that more responsibility should be given to students to challenge their ways of thinking rather than being told how and what to think, thus further increasing learner autonomy and critical thinking. By having a child’s natural curiosity direct his/her learning, learning will become more purposeful, engaging and relatable to everyday life. Students should be driven to go past the limits of the classroom and explore society in a way that they never could have imagined. Therefore, if students are taking responsibility for their own learning experience, instruction in the classroom needs to be created through collaboration between students and their teacher. There should be no limits in how information is brought forward to students in order to create their desired level of knowledge, as I want to help my students gain the same passion for learning that I do. Through the implementation of technology, hands-on learning, and experiences out in their community, I believe that my students will be find the desire to push the limits to uncover their biggest questions, wonders and passions.

As an advocate for social justice, my goal is to implement Treaty Education and other social justice topics into my student’s daily learning experiences. My hope is that my students will gain a new level of appreciation and understanding of the diversities present in our society by becoming advocates and making everyone feel safe and welcome in their classroom and community. Through collaboration and the understanding of the essential needs that must be met, children will flourish in the education system and achieve more than what they ever would have imagined.